November 28, 2023

High-quality plant protein: 5 reasons why hemp protein is so healthy

The miracle plant hemp – great effect even without THC

Hemp protein is made from hemp seed but has no psychoactive ingredients.

Hemp seeds consist of 20 to 24 percent pure, high quality protein. The protein powder is rich in fiber and valuable protein. Whether vegan-alive or not, the protein from hemp protein is suitable for everyone, as it is very digestible. The better a food can be digested, the more efficiently the body can use it Green Superfood Powder Reviews.

Thus, hemp protein is particularly suitable for athletes and fit people, as it has a high bioavailability. The vitamins and minerals that can be absorbed by the body are: vitamin E, essential B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium.

5 reasons why you should give hemp powder a chance

Hemp protein is much more than a simple protein powder. Why do you find out here!

Hemp protein is a great option if you want to eat a small but fine dose of high-quality protein, but strong muscle growth is your goal, preferring to resort to other protein sources or combinations. Especially the mixture makes it. In conjunction with, for example, rice protein, hemp protein is a great source of muscle building after exercise.

This gives you more energy for your training and afterwards, the protein from the hemp seeds helps you to recover the stressed muscle groups. The important thing is that we only need more protein if we do more physical work. Moreover, the mixture of hemp protein with other protein powders only makes sense if they are purely natural products.

With soy protein powders, you should make sure that you do not generally consume soy. Soy is controversial in its effect on the hormonal balance in women and men. And most of the time the powders contain additives and flavor enhancers.

It’s better to go the natural route, with the mild form of hemp, which supports the sporty lifestyle differently and protects the organism.

  1. Hemp protein contains just the right Omega 3 Omega 6 ratio

Hemp protein is mild and slightly nutty in flavor. It has a perfect 3: 1 omega-3 & 6 fatty acid composition and the rare gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a healthy omega-6 fatty acid.

The essential fatty acids reduce inflammation and are especially important for the low-fiber diet of vegetarians and vegans, otherwise they only occur in fatty fish. Omega-3 fatty acids support a healthy cardiovascular system.


  1. Fiber for lowering cholesterol and good digestion

The fibers of the hemp protein reduce the unwanted LDL cholesterol and increase the desired HDL cholesterol. The digestible and indigestible fibers naturally cleanse the intestines, counteract constipation and flush out toxins.

If in everyday life you often do not get enough fiber and maybe even protein or are overwhelmed to even think about it, then the following five recipes are just right for you.


  1. Hemp protein reduces sugar cravings and thus facilitates weight loss

The high nutrient density of hemp protein powder makes it an unconscious remedy for cravings for unhealthy sweets. The fiber of the hemp powder regulates the blood sugar level. If this is balanced we have less appetite for sugar as energy has already been gained through the proteins.

And we do not climb up and down the blood sugar curve trying to regain energy through sugar .


  1. Hemp strengthens the immune system

With hemp protein you can do something good for yourself and the immune system. Hemp seeds contain albumins and Edestine. These proteins are very easily absorbed by the human body and can be transformed into immunoglobulins. These globulins are important for the defense against infection. Strengthening from the inside!


  1. Hemp protein is suitable for everyone

With the right protein supply, it does not matter if you want to compensate for a deficiency because you may be vegan, vegetarian, or raw. Even meat eaters, athletes, athletes and fit people need high-quality protein.

Athletes and physically active people need more protein per day. Above all, the protein intake after exercise is important for recovery. The only question is: how much protein does your body really need? In addition to many different factors and conditions, it also depends on what goals you are pursuing.