December 3, 2023

4 tips to burn fat without losing muscle

It is the goal to achieve: lose weight, but always maintaining the good muscle tone that costs so much effort. If you want to lose weight, burning fat without losing muscle, follow these tips and you will get it Best Fat Burners.

Define costs, because it requires perseverance and hard work in the gym, but, sometimes, eliminate accumulated fats becomes an absolute priority. In a healthy body, which maintains its ideal weight and can be proud of strong and toned muscles, fats have no place. If you want to eliminate fat and take care of your muscles, proper exercise and diet are the keys to achieve it.

Burn fat is a mathematical question. You have to spend more calories than you eat. Only then your body will resort to stored lipids and get rid of fats. The difficulty lies in getting that balance that makes you lose just what’s left over and not the volume and tone of your muscles.

How to lose fat without losing volume

If your goal is to burn fat without losing muscle, take note of these four basic tips that refer both to the diet and the type of training you should follow:

  1. Reduce carbohydrate intake and keep (or increase) the protein

If you play sports regularly, you need to get energy from the essential carbohydrates, but if you want to eliminate fat by caring for your muscles, always opt for slow-absorbing carbohydrates (whole grains) and try to reduce your presence in your diet by 10% . The protein of high biological value (eggs, lean meats, fish …) is essential for muscle fibers to remain in perfect condition while you burn fat.


  1. Do not fast

It is another important premise. Radically eliminate the intake of empty calories such as those containing alcohol or industrial bakery but do not stay long periods of time without eating . Your body needs energy for sports and ideal to burn fat without losing muscles is to make 5 or 6 meals spread throughout the day and always in moderate amounts. The idea to eliminate body fat without losing muscle is that your body does not resort to the glycogen stores stored by your muscles. Therefore, having sufficient energy at all times are important.

Keep in mind, also, that the digestive process itself involves a significant metabolic expenditure. Your body burns calories while digesting food, so having “something” in your stomach helps burn calories without “touching” your muscles.


  1. High intensity intervals in any type of training

The aerobic exercise is essential if it is what is to burn fat. Swimming, running, cycling or working on the elliptical … are sports that burn a lot of calories. They are essential when it comes to increasing your caloric expenditure, but you will achieve better results by inserting minutes of HIIT training (high intensity intervals). The explanation is simple. By putting your body (muscle groups, blood circulation and heart) at maximum power, the effects of that effort will continue once the activity is over.

Training with high intensity intervals, not only burn fat at the moment, but your body will continue to do so, without you noticing, for hours after the end of training. This happens with both aerobic exercise and strength training, so high-intensity intervals are an essential element if your goal is to burn fat and maintain your muscles progressively.


  1. Hydrate yourself conveniently

A good hydration is always essential when developing any physical activity with all the guarantees, but sometimes we forget that water is also essential for the good condition of our muscles. Taking enough fluids, mainly water, not only help our body to eliminate fats and toxins but also to maintain the good condition and volume of our muscles.