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5 tips to burn fat in a few days

One of the most “effective” methods used by celebrities to burn fat is to reduce carbohydrate intake for two weeks and eat lean protein (three meals and two snacks) five times a day: chicken, turkey, fish and eggs diet pills for women.

Also, to lower in a short time it is recommended to reduce the food with starch, such as potatoes, white rice, pasta and white bread. According to nutritionists, your body stores carbohydrates for three days. If you reduce your intake and exercise, you will begin to burn calories.

When making this diet, nutrition experts recommend eating vegetables and grains, so that the body and brain have enough energy. Also, drinking enough water is important, in order to increase metabolism.

All this may sound attractive, but according to the food guides , if you want to lose weight and burn fat in a healthy way, it is necessary to eat a variety of carbohydrates that are an important source of nutrients (fruits, vegetables, grains and milk) within a diet with controlled calories.

There are people who only weigh themselves when they start an intensive diet. If you really want to reduce your size, you need to get moving!

  1. Make your heart work. Running, biking, swimming and walking burn a lot of calories and you can still burn calories after finishing your workout. The 2008 physical activity guidelines for Americans recommend trying to do at least 150 minutes a week of exercise at a moderate intensity or 75 minutes at a vigorous intensity.


  1. Drink enough water. Your stomach will feel full and you will reduce the amount of snacks between meals. Even, there are people who confuse thirst with hunger. If you stay well hydrated, you will not have doubts!


  1. Add some weights to your routine. Endurance exercises, such as push-ups, squats, lunges and sit-ups, help you burn calories.


  1. Sleep enough. It is difficult during the holidays, but it is a critical point. If you are very tired, your body will work slowly, conserving calories and without burning fat. On the other hand, when one is tired, he usually eats anything. To avoid it, when your body asks for it, go to bed and avoid temptation!


  1. Do not “drink” calories. Beverages also provide calories. Try to limit the consumption of drinks with sugar, fat or alcohol and replace them with water.