Athletic Greens review


Green smoothies are not a product from the supermarket, but we can make them at home without much effort and so get a true fountain of youth for our vitality whenever we want.

All those who already drink green smoothies regularly, report the incredible effect: a much stronger immune system, more performance in sports and work, losing weight without yo-yo effect, better digestion and beautiful skin, healthy sleep and good mood Athletic Greens review.

How Green Smoothies changed our lives in 3 months Isabella beautifully described in her last article – Green Delights – or how a blender changed my life.

She also took note of the findings of Viktoria Boutenko, the inventor of green smoothies, who can look back on an incredible treasure trove of theoretical and practical experience.

Viktoria Boutenko describes in great detail the health benefits of green smoothies. I have summarized the answers to this question for you in 10 points.

Green smoothies and their ten pluses for our health

  1. Nutritional value

Green smoothies are extremely nutritious. With 50% organic ripe fruit and 50% organic green leafy vegetables, they are the ideal composition for human consumption.


  1. Easy to digest

Green smoothies are easy to digest. Proper mixing breaks up the cell structure of fruit and green leafy vegetables, making the valuable nutrients readily available to the human body. When you drink green smoothies, recovery literally starts in the mouth.


  1. Full food

Green smoothies, unlike juices, are a wholesome food because they still contain fiber. The intake of fiber is important for the good functioning of our excretory system.


  1. Taste

Green smoothies are among the tastiest foods for people of all ages. Their 50/50 fruit-to-vegetable ratio is dominated by the taste of the fruit, while at the same time the vegetable content balances the sweetness of the fruit and gives the smoothie its special flavor. Even “normal people” like the taste of green smoothies and can hardly believe that something so green can be so delicious.


  1. Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll has a striking similarity to one of the building blocks of the human red blood pigment. Dr. According to Ann Wigmore, “the consumption of chlorophyll is equivalent to a transfusion of healthy blood.” For most people, even raw foodists, the proportion of green leafy vegetables in the diet is too low. Drink two to three glasses of green smoothies every day, so you not only cover your daily requirement of green leafy vegetables, but also provide your body with valuable nutrients in an easily utilizable form.


  1. Easy preparation

Green smoothies are easy to prepare, and the kitchen is then cleaned up again in a few simple steps. Juicing green leafy vegetables, however, takes a lot of time, is expensive and leaves a chaos in the kitchen. These are also the reasons why many people stop drinking green juices after some time. To prepare a jug of green smoothie takes less than five minutes including cleaning.


  1. suitable from young to old

Children of all ages, including babies over six months, have been shown to like green smoothies. Of course you have to be careful and only slowly increase the smoothie content of the diet to avoid allergies.


  1. Reduction of salt and fat intake

When eating green leafy vegetables in the form of green smoothies, you also reduce the salt and fat intake considerably.


  1. The appetite for green leafy vegetables is increasing

It is a good habit to eat green leafy vegetables by eating green smoothies regularly. After drinking green smoothies for a few weeks, most people are asking for more green leafy vegetables and they really enjoy eating it. A common problem, especially with children, is that too little green leafy vegetables are eaten.


  1. Durability

Although you should always eat green smoothies as fresh as possible, but at low temperature you can keep them up to three days. When you work or travel, sometimes it’s very convenient.