Microsoft Has Begun To Notify Some Users That A Hacker May Have Accessed

If you don’t know where an email comes from and you get several emails a day, take it to the SPAM folder. Like most SPAM applications, Microsoft Outlook includes pop-up notifications every time we receive an email (although they can be turned off), synchronization with calendar and terminal contacts, and display and synchronization of directories.

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Some web hosting and professional email providers offer you up to 400 email addresses created on your domain name and sent and received from a single inbox, plus the benefits of Office 365.

A victim claimed in a Dutch technology forum that she had lost just over 1 bitcoin ( BTC ), nearly $5,400 at the time of publication, when hackers used her email account to reset her password and access her Kraken user account on March 31.

In addition to the above, one of the features that has made Google’s Gmail service so popular is its ease of use, which allows anyone to ultimately create a Gmail account and use it seamlessly.

From the beginning of 2013, the web mail service of similar name, came to replace Hotmail, Microsoft’s previous free mail service, with which Microsoft aspires to become a high ranking competitor to other free email providers such as Yahoo Google.