Mole Removal Cream

A mole is something that practically everyone has on their bodies. In fact, it is usually not one mole, but many moles that you can find on anyone’s body. These moles may be large or small spots on the skin of various colors and may be oval or round in shape.

Moles don’t actually cause any harm to a person as it is just a skin growth on the body. However there are some moles that can become cancerous and thus have to be removed. Such moles are best removed surgically, by a doctor. It is not advised to use removal cream to remove these moles as though they do help in mole removal; it is too slow.

These removal creams are used to remove moles that are either obtrusive or unattractive to the person. You find that there are various mole removal creams available in the market for you to consider using to remove your moles. The best way to find out which is the better cream to use for mole removal is by going through the testimonials and reviews people who use it post on its websites.

Benefits of creams

The benefit of using cream for removing moles is that it can be done in the comfort of your home, and it heals without leaving any scars or hospital stay. It is also cheaper than the other mole removal options available, which are surgery, laser treatment and cryothereapy. Moreover, these other options have a high possibility of leaving scars once the moles are removed.

The procedure

To use a removal cream, you have to first clean the area to be treated and then, the mole has to be lightly scratched using a needle or pumice stone. This is to help the formula penetrate the mole faster for faster and better treatment. You then have to apply the mole removal cream to the mole, and leave it on preferably overnight.

You know that the cream is working at mole removal when you start experiencing a mild to strong stinging sensation on the mole. If you don’t experience any stinging sensation after applying the cream, its better to scratch the mole even more deeper. Don’t worry, this is not painful, and need not be done under the influence of anesthesia or numbing cream.

You should find the mole scabbing within 24 hours of applying the mole removal cream. However you will have to wait for about 7 to 10 days for the mole to fall off. When the scab falls off mole on arm meaning, you will find some slightly red tissue. This color should disappear and give way to clear skin within 30 days of the scab’s falling off.

Cheapest options

Cost wise, mole removal creams cost between $25 to $80. It is possible to remove as many as ten moles using these creams, making it the most cheapest mole removal option available. However like most removal options, these mole removal creams also have its share of risks.

The greatest risk these creams bring is the chance of an infection. This can however be avoided with proper cleaning and sterilization to take care of the scab. Moreover, make sure the mole is examined before its removal to ensure you are not attempting to remove malignant moles.