5 promotion strategies for e-commerce

Do you think you have already discovered all the e-commerce promotion channels that exist? Are you tired of reading again and again the same sales techniques for your online store? Although you believe that everything is invented, at Doo finder we are convinced that we will surprise you with this article. In this post we bring you 5 unknown strategies that will help you increase the visibility and sales of your online store starting today. Are you convinced that you know all of them or are you going to take a look?

  1. Storytelling of products

Storytelling is telling stories shopyspy. No more any less. Its great potential lies in the fact that it is much easier to establish an emotional connection with the reader. Thanks to the stories we transmit our values ​​as a brand better. So, why not use storytelling as a commercial strategy in your e-commerce? Whatever product you sell, you sure have great stories behind. Who designed it, how it was made or the origin of its materials can be great stories to tell about your product. But there is one that stands out above all: the story of your client using your product: do not sell a shirt; sell the shirt you can wear on a beach night around a bonfire. Make your client imagine with your product around a story and you’ll see how the sell button is pressed much more often.

  1. Gamification: loyalty by playing

What better plan could have to increase your visibility at the same time that your users have a great time? Just for that, gamification works. This somewhat strange name refers to establishing games with your clients. If the person performs a certain action, they will earn points that will become prizes. A user can get stars by writing a comment, watching a video, participating in a debate or sharing a product on social networks. The options are endless. In return you can access discounts, gifts, special promotions, free shipping … Not only is it a sales strategy for your online store, but also customer loyalty, you gain traffic and improve your search engine positioning. Almost nothing.

  1. Maintenance mode or how to sell before having your e-commerce

Yes, before you have your online store you can sell now! Although your business still lacks time to launch into the market that does not mean you cannot take advantage of this period. With this launch strategy you will be able to attract subscribers from the moment number one. And how is that done? You just have to create a page within your site that specifies that the store is under construction and when it will be the launch date. It is also essential that you add a subscription form. While visitors see this page, you can continue working on your website without problem. This system is called maintenance mode and there are specific plugins to do it easily. If you add a special discount to all the people who subscribe before the launch, you already have your first sales made.

  1. Optimize the checkout

Did you know that 6 out of 10 users leave the purchase in the checkout process? Although at first it seems a page that does not matter, in the end it turns out to be decisive in the sales process. In your marketing strategy you have to have a clear maxim: every new click that the client has to make is an opportunity to regret the purchase. Good proof of this is the Amazon 1-Click ordering system. Simplifying the shopping cart page will help you avoid possible indecisions or doubts that the client may have.

  1. Question and answer campaigns in social networks

Many times we are not aware of the possibilities offered by social networks in order to interact with our community. A very simple action, but effective at the same time when it comes to gaining visibility, is to create a question and answer campaign in social networks. The action consists of setting a date and time in which all the questions that users have about the product or brand will be answered. With this small job so simple you are getting your brand to be promoted and loyalty to your audience. It is still another way to add value.