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5 tips to sell more in the HotSale

According to the annual study promoted by the CACE (Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce), 90% of connected Argentine adults already bought online sometime and during 2017 the turnover of electronic commerce in the country grew by 52%.

With such encouraging figures, in each new edition of these events more companies are added to try to win over consumers. Whether large companies ali express, SMEs or enterprises, it is essential to give visibility to the product portfolio to excel before the eyes of a buyer who decides their purchase with a click and with the clock counting pressure that indicates how much is needed to complete the offer.

Pablo Mampel, of the Marketing team at Eventbrite, one of the most important platforms for organizing events and selling tickets online in the world, highlights 5 key factors that make a difference and make the consumer finally become a customer:


1- For all devices

Use Responsive websites, that is, that adapt to the size of the screen of any device. “Our statistics show that 75% of the traffic to the website of an event is generated from the applications of social networks on the cell phone,” explains Mampel.


2- Webs suitable for impatient consumers

Use AMP technology (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in the websites: this will make the page load faster and the content will be displayed without problems even when the user navigates using their data plan from the cell phone. Keep in mind that, on average, 7% of the traffic leaves a page if it does not load within 10 seconds and, according to Google data, 53% of people will leave a mobile site that takes more than three seconds to place an order.


3- Nothing works under duress

There is nothing worse for the user than registering an account in each site they visit and less thinking or remembering new keys. In this sense, Mampel warns that this may be counterproductive.


4- Offer different alternatives to pay

All possible payment options should be considered to simplify the customer process: offline, online and debit.


5- Do not beat around the bush

Assuming that the purchase button should always be visible also seems like a basic rule, but for Mampel it is key when it comes to favoring conversion. Even when the user browses the page in search of more information, the button must be always present and will be the task of usability experts and interfaces to ensure that it is not intrusive and that the navigation of the page in question comes to fruition: the conversion.