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Tricks to increase your sexual desire today

We live in a time of great demands and pressures and often the first thing that suffers are our moments of enjoyment and enjoyment. Maybe for different reasons, you have noticed that you are not the same as before and that your privacy does not have the quality you want. Learn the secrets that can stimulate and improve your sex life Vigrx plus.

What is libido?

It is a person’s sexual desire. There are also definitions such as that of the creator of psychoanalysis, the Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud who refers to the libido as the psychic energy of a sexual nature that pushes for immediate satisfaction.

When the libido goes down

There are many reasons, both physical and psychological, for which a person may feel a low sex drive. From the physical point of view, stress, hormonal changes, certain medications and diseases such as depression, can lead to a significant decrease in desire, although it has been proven that couples’ good behavior can also influence.

Psychology of desire

There are several reasons why you can feel the lack of sexual desire: the work pressures, economic problems, the routine in the couple and the passage of time are the most mentioned. The couples that manage to break with the routine are happier and more durable, but this implies work.


The vagina also requires care. Many times it happens that vaginal lubrication does not come naturally and this dryness can cause discomfort at the time of penetration or intercourse. There are different types of lubricants available to improve this problem.

Types of lubricants

Regardless of the different brands available in the market, lubricants can be water based and oil based. The most recommended are water-based but they dry more quickly and sometimes you have to reapply them. Those with an oily base last longer but can stain.

How to choose one

Ideally, use a lubricant that is slightly acidic, not exceeding 5.0 of Ph, similar to that of the vagina is the one that allows the best defense against infections or imbalances in the vaginal bacterial flora. It should be light and lack smell and taste, experts recommend.

Text messages

The “hot” messages can be of great help to create expectation and increase passion. Shawn Edgington, author of “Reading between the lines: a fun guide to sending simple and stylish text messages” suggests that the use of bold text messages can keep the couple’s fire.

The erotic lingerie

Underwear is an opportunity for women to seduce and feel attractive and a way to show your partner the intention to be with him. Look for models and styles that make you feel good and adapt to your body to enhance its natural beauty and at the same time you feel comfortable.

Desire dresses in fashion

Fashion aims to highlight lace and transparencies. The black, white and red are colors that are always valid, but also in the new trends come bright colors like violet and animal print. There is also edible underwear; they are different tastes and smells.

Time to share

Not everything is sex in the life of a couple. A report from the US National Library of Medicine He maintains that the best thing for the couple is to reserve some time for non-sexual intimacy, where they have time to talk or leave alone. This, in the long run, revives sexual desire and interest in the other.

Communication and the desire

Talking with your partner about what is happening is a good start to improving your desire, recommend experts from the Department of Sexual Medicine at Boston University. For them, the caresses and words are important, for them a beautiful image and a sexy attitude, are worth more than a thousand words.