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Keys to have a success profile on Instagram

Instagram has led an unstoppable growth, especially in the world of fashion and ‘lifestyle’, in which the image has a great weight. This social network allows brands to interact with the user ( as we do daily in our @Mujerhoy profile ) sharing images in an immediate and fun way and, in turn, they do the same. The platform – the first one born thinking about the mobile phone, another of its successes – currently has more than 200 million active users around the world.

As stated by Joaquín Moral, an expert in Digital Marketing, “emotional loyalty is nowadays a key issue for brands and Instagram is the social network that best locks up its followers emotionally”. He adds that “he has led a much faster growth than Facebook or Twitter due to its ease of use and that the user experience is immediate and fun.” As Moral explains, “it’s the millennials’ social network”, for whom it also functions as their “magazines of the heart”, in which they can see the intimacy of the celebrities they follow and in which the boom has deepened. Of selfies and others’ selfies.

We give you all the keys to improve your Instagram profile and turn it into one of success.

  1. Choose a simple username: preferably your name or your brand so that people can easily locate you and remember you. It must be easy but at the same time attractive and it is important to keep the same ‘nick’ in all your social networks.


  1. It uses hashtags: before the impossibility of being able to put links, the ‘hashtags’ are the fundamental instrument to spread the photos. “They are the computer element of a photographic universe with more than 60 million images a day,” says Moral. We must be careful not to use words too general because our image will be lost among all that there is on that subject. Bet on the acquaintances but at the same time specific. Find out the images that work best for you, be clear about what you want to convey in each photo and write it later through labels.


  1. Mention and label other profiles: to be a social network is essential to buy real instagram comments to interact with other users, to tag other people or brands that appear in the photo to provide more information. María Sanz (student of Business Administration and Management, with 24,690 followers) adds her trick: “guide me by instinct, if I like something very much I have no qualms in commenting on it, since interacting is a key factor to favor communication within The platform In each publication I look for fashion to have a leading role, understanding it as a way of life “.


  1. Power and take care of your community: if you want to have a profile that triumphs it is essential that you take care of your followers, answering comments and writing and following other profiles. Carla Hinojosa (fashion journalist, 60,382 followers) is an example of this: “It is very gratifying to see how people tell you each outfit, how they follow you and how followers grow each day, it is immensely positive to see what you like the most doing in life is accepted and supported by so many people. “


  1. Keep your essence: show yourself close and transparent, be true to yourself by telling your tastes and most unknown personality. Nina Urgell (student of Psychology, 121,488 followers) adds: “the secret is that there is no secret, my only goal is not to like, but to show me as natural as possible, especially being myself and translate it through the photography I have not had success, but it was the followers who gave it to me. “


  1. Use other ‘app’ to customize your photos: without abusing the filters, you can use other applications that allow you to edit the photographs and give more light or contrast but as long as we maintain the naturalness such as Afterlight and Vscocam. Also bet on neutral backgrounds, natural lighting and good framing for your snapshots. Alex Rivière (student of Business Administration and Management, 11,259 followers) reveals: “One day it occurred to me to hang a photo of the look I was wearing and it was the most liked photo of the ones I had published so far. More time and love, my interest was growing and, with that, the photos improving “.


  1. Publish regularly: to gain followers in a social network your profile has to be professionalized, posting photos constantly causes followers to be outstanding and keep the account with activity, propose it as a challenge every day. María Valdés (Economist, 49,542 followers) explains the key to her profile: “I wear what I’m comfortable with and it goes with me, so I try to show it in the most natural way possible.” I try not to repeat photos with the same look and publish the right photos a day. “


  1. Bet for creativity: be original; provide ideas that are useful and unique. Find a differentiating quality and exploit it. You can also add inspiring phrases that create a nod in the user and feel some empathy. Belén Hostalet (Economics student, 106,121 followers) is very clear about what she wants to show on her profile “my photos have a story, my passion for bikinis and photography, my crazy desire to travel the world, my closeness to people and naturalness, I do not try to force something that I am not or that I do not like “.


  1. Create emotions: something that we really feel, we remember. That must be the goal of success: create small works of art. Teresa Andrés (Nursing student, 78,018 followers) explains her secret: “I believe that the key to success is nothing more than being true to oneself, following the essence of what makes you special and being dedicated to what makes you We all have something that characterizes us, in my case, I intuit that it is naturalness and spontaneity There is a motto in life: do what you love and love what you do “.