Amazing Grass review


With the invention of Green Smoothies, led by Victoria Boutenko, health has become drinkable. Finely mixed green leaves and fruit provide our organism with a high concentration of nutrients, so that harmful oxidative stress can be absorbed and the tissue regenerates faster Amazing Grass review.

By mixing the body a large part of the digestive work is taken and many substances can be taken so even in the first place. In contrast to uncut fruit and vegetables, which are not well tolerated by many people, the Green Smoothies do not cause stomach aches or bloating.

Of course, you should continue to eat solid fruits and vegetables, but a large green smoothie per day will significantly increase your well-being.

Most associate the desire to lose weight with the production of their first green smoothie. This actually happens, slowly and continuously, without the yo-yo effect. But after the initial exhilaration through the weight loss, more and more positive effects show up, so that gradually the weight loss aspect fades into the background.

It may seem very simple that daily food should have such a big impact on our health and well-being. But it is like this: You are what you eat!

The consumption of green smoothies and the consumption of more green vegetables while reducing the amount of animal protein (meat and dairy products) has been shown to improve the general condition and strengthen the immune system. Inflammatory reactions in the body are reduced and digestive problems disappear. The sleep gets deeper, you have more energy for the day and the skin becomes more beautiful.

You do not have to become a vegan or follower of the Raw Food movement. A few small changes in daily life, which are slowly amplified, already lead to significant positive effects.

Diet changes are often difficult for us. With a green smoothie, it is made easy for you, because you can vary it to your taste and it is prepared quickly. Try it!

I would like to help you get started in a greener life and develop together with you your very personal “magic potion”.


  • Taste extremely delicious
  • Make you healthy and happy
  • Regulate digestion
  • Help you lose weight
  • Strengthen the immune system