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7 tips to improve your sexual health

Sexual health is an area that seems taboo and should be viewed and cared for as much as other vital aspects, since they directly affect physical, emotional, mental and even social well-being male supplements.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sexual health “requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relations, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of all coercion, discrimination and violence”.

One of the most important organs to be able to enjoy optimal sexual health is the brain . In this sense, some experts in sexology say that there are mental illnesses that can lead to sexual dysfunctions , the pathologies themselves or the drugs with which they are treated. In the same way, sexual dysfunctions can lead to depression or anxiety.

Sometimes, the routine, the rush, the problems and the daily stress cause that sexuality is left aside and this happens in the background. In this way, little by little the flame goes out and diminishes the sexual desire. In this problem the experts also agree that the western lifestyle does not facilitate the dedication to love, eroticism, or the couple.


Tips to improve your sexual health:

  • Exercise. Sport usually produces well-being and satisfaction, which in many cases can translate into an increase in libido. Experts especially recommend swimming and Pilates.
  • Give up smoking. Tobacco use can impair erectile function.
  • Follow a balanced diet. A diet high in saturated fats negatively affects the amount of sperm.
  • Use contraceptive methods One of the most important factors in the field of sexual health is the use of contraceptives, which help prevent sexually transmitted diseases ( STDs ) and unplanned pregnancies .
  • Controlling stress. Anxiety reduces the level of testosterone in the blood and causes a decrease in sexual appetite. You can try to solve this problem by practicing emotional self – control techniques.
  • Information. It is essential to be aware of everything related to sexuality and your own body. The lack of information can affect sexual health.
  • Communicate. Good communication in the couple reduces the risk of misunderstandings and, consequently, increases the likelihood of improving the quality of the erotic encounter.

Taking into account the factors outlined above, we emphasize that it is important to enjoy sexuality freely. As long as it is done in a responsible way, avoiding and preventing any kind of risk, you can create a healthy and useful life experience for body and mind.