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The 10 most important tips and tricks for home sales

Often it is difficult to estimate what the value of a property is and how it can be sold most profitably house buyers houston. These points are therefore to be considered when selling real estate:

  1. The pros and cons

Depending on which target group you want to address with your property, a disadvantage of your property can suddenly be an advantage. A list shows the individual properties of the property again and prepares you automatically for further steps.

  1. The price

Most property owners have trouble realistically estimating the market price of their property. An oversized high price can prolong the sales process; at a too low selling price you give away money. For the calculation of the purchase price on the one hand comparison objects, on the other hand statistical instruments are useful. Comparis offers you help in assessing your property  as well as information on the  price development of real estate in your region.

  1. The time

A villa with swimming pool is much more inviting in summer than in December with leaves in the pool and ice on the veranda. But also the seasonal fluctuations in the real estate market contribute to the fact that for an object more or less money can be earned. If you really want to sell a property during a doldrums, you may wind up tens of thousands of francs in the sand. Professional help can be useful in calculating the optimal time of sale.

  1. The renovation work

It is worthwhile to remedy minor defects that are optically perceived strongly. This has a positive effect on the perception. Functioning outdoor lights and doors give a neat impression. If it is not clear whether major or minor renovations are worthwhile because they could have an impact on the selling price, a broker can estimate this well.

  1. The dossier

Before the purchase decision, every serious prospective buyer wants to get detailed information about the property. Therefore, have all relevant documents ready. In addition to high-quality photos, plans of the property, floor plans or land register extract, a serious sales dossier also includes a description of the surroundings and the corresponding infrastructure. A broker compiles the dossier with you and identifies the potential customer segments. He also provides good services when it comes to correspondence with notaries and authorities, and organizes viewing appointments with interested parties.

  1. The sales channel

On which channel should my house or apartment be advertised? On multiple portals or only through a selected agency? Not always, a broad audience also means a better return on sales. A broker can advise you in choosing the sales channel and present the best possible solution.

  1. The broker

If you are not a professional yourself and are familiar with the real estate industry, the involvement of a broker makes sense. But how can you protect yourself from the black sheep, ie fraudulent brokers who want to rip off vendors?

A first hint is the membership in a Swiss real estate association. Comparis ch works together with various brokers via its partner service QSIM (Swiss Real Estate Quality Network). These belong to a recognized association; have at least three years of experience and a recognized professional education in the real estate industry. Your property is estimated at actual sales intention free of charge and without obligation on the spot. If the customer chooses the broker, he undertakes to market the object and to be available to the seller even after the transaction has been completed.

There is some evidence of dubious brokers. Be careful in the following cases:

  • On request, you can not name any reference customers who comment positively on the broker.
  • No membership in an official association can be attested.
  • In addition to the commission (about 3 percent depending on the region), additional compensation for services is required.
  • The broker offers to sell your property at an unrealistically high price, just to get the sale order.
  1. The financial aspects

Talk to your bank adviser early enough and determine what costs you can expect in a successful sale. For example, when it comes to the repayment of a mortgage. Let us also advise you on the subject of property gains tax, as with careful planning massive tax savings can be made.


  1. The emotions

Often, a lot of emotions are associated with a property, which should be excluded when selling as possible. Potential buyers seek an object for their own needs and ideas; therefore, one should deal sensitively and empathically with interested parties. Awaken the emotions to the buyer, not to yourself.

  1. The sale

Your arguments influence the price: Argue comprehensible and rational, so you can convince interested parties best and underline the proposed selling price. Be prepared for price negotiations but always on alleged negative characteristics of your property. Some sellers and buyers, a contract is set up. If you do not know much about the real estate industry, it is generally advisable to hire a professional broker in the negotiation phase and to seek his assistance until the final handover of the keys.