Original gifts for Valentine’s Day for less than 50 euros

The day of lovers is approaching and the most cautious probably have already bought their gifts t shirts for couples. However, many are those who leave the search almost at the last minute, making it more difficult to guess t shirts for best friends.

An eternal rose

This rose, which the seller calls “eternal rose” on Amazon, is a classic gift of days like Valentine’s Day but it never stops being fashionable. In this case, this rose stands out for its durability. As the seller explains, if it does not get into water, it can last for years. This is claimed by some of the clients, who say they have it for a year and that still remains as the first day. The flower is preserved by a special procedure so that it stays fresh and soft as long as it is kept in an aerated area, with a cool temperature and without too much humidity.

Flashlight for readers (night)

An ideal gift for night readers. It allows you to read in bed with a good light without disturbing your partner. It is comfortable to use and store, works with three AAA batteries and can be used in a tablet, e-book, laptops, paper books … We have included it in ideas “for her” because 64.9% of women Spanish women read in their free time, according to the latest report of the Federation of Publishers Guilds of Spain . This is something more than ten percentage points compared to men (54.4%).

Give a relaxing experience

For those who want to give their partner an experience, we have chosen this Smartbox chest. It offers a selection of 2,630 experiences spread throughout the national territory and two in Portugal. Among its wide range of services offered include Arab baths, body massages, facials, spas and a long etcetera so that you feel good inside and out.

A striking portable charger for mobile

This extra Power Bank battery of 4,000 milamper hours (mAh), from the La Vecina Rubia brand, is compatible with all types of digital devices with Micro USB charging input. If you have another input to the device (not Micro USB), as it happens for example with Apple products, it is also compatible although you will need a cable of this type. It has an original design and offers high performance thanks to an intelligent control system to prevent overload, discharge and heating of the device.

Extra-quality organic chocolate

For those who prefer to give a gourmet product, we select this pack of organic chocolate of extra quality available in Club del Gourmet, from El Corte Inglés. Specifically, there are four bars of chocolate with tropical fruit, 50 grams each. Ideal to soften the relationship.

Oliver Atom T-shirt

For many men born in the 80s and 90s, Oliver Atom and Benji Price are true idols. The protagonists of the Japanese cartoon series Champions are remembered for their football exploits with their team, the Newteam. So you can surprise him with Oliver’s game shirt, with his name and number on his back, or with Benji’s characteristic red hat. It is available in sizes S , L and XL .

Pure adrenaline

If your boyfriend or husband is lovers of adventure or speed, you will not find a better gift than this Smartbox gift box. It contains a bonus so you can drive a Ferrari, a Porsche or a Lamborghini, take a trip in a gyroplane or fly in a paraglider, among many other activities to choose from throughout Spain. Also, if you want to share the adrenaline, some options can be made as a couple.

Barbecue apron

This is the ideal apron for lovers of grilled meat. It has special pockets for carrying matches, a cell phone and even a beer, as well as ketchup and mustard. It also has a bottle opener, a space to hang the utensils of the barbecue and a hat to cover the sun or rain.

Apron to trim the hairs of the beard

The nightmare of the hair of the beard all over the sink has a solution with this apron. Simply put one end around the neck and the other sticks to the mirror with integrated suction cups. When shaving, the hair is collected in the apron without messing up the bathroom, and in the end you just have to shake it. It is available in black and white colors.